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Old Khortha Dj Status Video Editing / Lyrics + Beat New Shake Effect / Alight Motion Tutorial 🥀


 Creating a Khortha DJ status video with lyrics, beat shakes, and effects can be an engaging and entertaining project. To make such a video using the Alight Motion app, you can follow these general steps:

**Note:** I'll provide you with a general guideline for creating a status video with lyrics, beat shakes, and effects in Alight Motion. Please note that Alight Motion's features and interface may evolve over time, so the specifics might vary based on the app's latest version. Also, make sure you have the necessary audio, video, and text content ready before starting.

1. **Install Alight Motion:**

   If you haven't already, download and install the Alight Motion app on your device.

Beat mark Iink

2. **Project Setup:**

   - Open the Alight Motion app.

   - Start a new project by tapping on "New Project."

3. **Import Media:**

   - Import your Khortha music or audio file.

   - Import any video clips or images you want to include in the video.

4. **Add Lyrics:**

   - Create a new text layer by tapping on the "Text" option.

   - Enter the lyrics for the song in the text box.

   - Adjust the font style, size, and color to your liking.

   - Use keyframes to synchronize the text with the audio.

Shake Effect Project

5. **Add Beat Shakes:**

   - For beat shakes or effects in line with the music, use keyframes to animate the text or other elements.

   - You can apply keyframes to text size, position, rotation, opacity, or other attributes to make it "shake" or change in sync with the music's beats.

6. **Add Effects:**

   - Apply various effects to enhance your video, such as transitions, filters, and color adjustments.

   - Experiment with Alight Motion's built-in effects library to find effects that fit your video's mood.

Shake Effect XML 👆

7. **Export Video:**

   - Once your video is complete, tap on the "Export" button.

   - Select your desired video resolution and format (e.g., MP4).

   - Customize the export settings as needed.

   - Start the export process. This may take some time, depending on the video's complexity and length.

Beat Mark XML 👆

8. **Save and Share:**

   - After export, your video is ready. Save it to your device.

   - You can then share your Khortha DJ status video on social media platforms or with your friends.

Lyrics Video Link 👆

Remember that Alight Motion offers a wide range of features and capabilities for video editing, so feel free to explore and get creative with your video. Additionally, be sure to comply with copyright and licensing rules if you are using copyrighted music or content in your video.